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Skate Orthotics

Orthotics for skating includes figure skates, hockey skate and speed skates. Achilles tendon problems and plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, ulcers, and bursitis, are common complaints among skaters. Bursitis is the inflammation of a bursa, which functions as a smooth, slippery surface at the points where muscles and tendons glide over bones. The most common is œmalleolar bursitis in which the bone that protrudes from the inside of the ankle becomes swollen and painful.

Custom foot orthotics and footbeds will help align the foot properly in skates and assist in reducing hot spots. Because many skating boots are narrow and high heeled the orthotics for skates need to be narrow and specific to the shape of the boot. Skate orthotics also will improve balance and power in the skating stroke by controlling the pronatory motion of the foot.

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