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Jesse P. Jepsen

Jesse P. Jepsen


I was wondering if I can order another pair of orthotics….you made 2 for me this winter and I stopped in to pick up the second set on February 24th.  They worked out well for both my skate and classic XC ski boots.  I want to leave them inside the foot gear for the season.  I transferred one of the pairs out of my classic boots to my in-line skates and they really made a HUGE improvement in foot comfort.  I will leave the other pair in the XC skate boots for use with roller skis.

I want the additional pair for use in my sneakers which are a New Balance cross trainer variety. Maybe I’ll get a pair for my hiking boots and just leave them in there, too.

Thanks again for your help, fine service and advice this winter.”

Jesse P. Jepsen
Wyomissing, PA

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