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I just received your cycling orthotics and I absolutely love them! I have been dealing with foot issues in both feet for 3 years now. I have tried a half-dozen other orthotics, spending hundreds of dollars. And I have to say, the cycling ones I received from you aligned to my feet better than even the orthotics I got from the doctor, from the shoe store that did a computer outline of my foot, and over-the-counter.

The reason I am writing is because I am interested in receiving a second pair from you. Since I have always been a very active person, I have only been able to swim since I have developed foot pain. But now you have given me hope that I can cycle as well.

Thank you from a customer who’s been searching forever for a great orthotic!!

Milford, CT


Just wanted to let you know that you are great to deal with.

I’ve only worn the orthotics for one day, but they seem to be exactly right and the service was extraordinary.

You are professional, polite, produce a great product and you delivered quicker than I expected.

I am happy to recommend you, ”

Mark Warren
Emmett, ID

Here’s a video testimonial from a happy customer who purchased Altra Zero Drop shoes from Foot Dynamics.

“I liked mine a lot. I have used insoles since I was about 12, and these are by far the best ones I’ve ever gotten.”

Peter Frenette
USA Ski Jumper

“I love the orthotics. They’re extremely comfortable and the pair made for the jumping boots are awesome. It really brings a whole new feeling to the hill. I am extremely happy with them.”

Nick Alexander
Lebanon, New Hampshire
USA Olympian

“After running on my new orthotics for about a month now I have to let you know how pleased I am with your service and workmanship. For the first time in years I am running without pain! It’s incredible. Thanks so much.

I think that you run a first-class business. Your integrity, turnaround time, and product are first-rate.”

Tom Nebel
Madison, WI

“In the past, cross country ski racing and training was very hard on my feet due to the need for continual balance and movement. I used to race a 50km race and hardly be able to walk afterwards. Today, with my Foot Dynamic orthotics, I am able to comfortably get as much balance as needed and my feet actually feel great after a ski session of any distance.

I truly can tell that my Foot Dynamics orthotics have made a difference. This year, after the 30 and 50km races, I could walk around normally and feel fine throughout my whole body.”

Rebecca Dussault
2006 USA Olympic Team
Gunnison, CO

“Being the clown that I am, I finally remembered to put the inserts into my skates that Jeff Jacobs at Foot Dynamics made for me. Duh! Feet feel a ton better too, so we squeezed in twenty-three more miles today. Only thirty miles to the Pennsylvania border!”

Molly McMaster
Rolling to Recovery
Colon Cancer Survivor
Wilton, NY


I was wondering if I can order another pair of orthotics….you made 2 for me this winter and I stopped in to pick up the second set on February 24th.  They worked out well for both my skate and classic XC ski boots.  I want to leave them inside the foot gear for the season.  I transferred one of the pairs out of my classic boots to my in-line skates and they really made a HUGE improvement in foot comfort.  I will leave the other pair in the XC skate boots for use with roller skis.

I want the additional pair for use in my sneakers which are a New Balance cross trainer variety. Maybe I’ll get a pair for my hiking boots and just leave them in there, too.

Thanks again for your help, fine service and advice this winter.”

Jesse P. Jepsen
Wyomissing, PA

“Yeah, we’re very happy. It seems counterintuitive that the most effective of the orthotics I’ve had came from the kit you sent. I’ve twice before had running orthotics prescribed at a sports medicine clinic and they helped somewhat but didn’t completely do the trick. And things happened like the layer on top separated from the plastic, or the bladder popped in the case of gel orthotics. Now I’m logging 50-mile weeks of running in addition to 100 miles of biking, swimming, and weights (getting ready for an Ironman®). I keep thinking surely the old Achilles tendonitis or runner’s knee that I had are going to make themselves known, but not a twinge in a year and a half. I refer quite a lot of people to you. I hope they’re buying.”

Chris MacAskill
Mountain View, CA

Foot Dynamics