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How to Order Custom Orthotics Online

Need Custom Orthotics? 

Everyone’s feet is different. You need a customized solution. Our orthotics are trusted by medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

Ordering is Simple!

Get the Impression Kit

Call us direct at 888-477-0282, or order online.  We will send the impression kit using USPS Priority Mail.

Take Your Impression:

Simply follow the enclosed instructions to take an impression of your feet.  You will fill out the order form and return the kit to Foot Dynamics.

Receive Your Custom Orthotics:

We will custom make your orthotics to your foot impression.  You will receive them within a week of us receiving your order. 

Our Guarantee

Comfort, fit and performance for 90 days.

Occasionally, orthotics and custom sandals need to be adjusted for fit and comfort. These adjustments will be made at no charge within 90 days.  


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