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A.C.T. Pelvic Level

Pelvic Level

A.C.T. Pelvic Level

The A.C.T. Pelvic Level can be the clinician’s most valuable tool for quick and accurate assessment of leg length discrepancies. Leg length imbalance is determined by pressing the expandable wings of the tool onto the crest of the pelvic bones and then elevating the short limb until the bubble on the level is centered. The device is made of machined, anodized aluminum and come with a lifetime warranty.

Leg length discrepancies are very common in the population but often not diagnosed. The A.C.T. Pelvic Level quickly and accurately determines if the pelvis is horizontally in plane. By shimming up the short limb, a measurement for determining the amount of correction can be determined. As a screening tool, the A.C.T. Pelvic Level can help the practioner to quickly screen patients for a condition which may indicate an anatomic or functional leg length discrepancy.

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